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Raleigh Volleyball Calendar

Add your team Calendar To Your Google Account:

  1. Select your team tab
    Click this select your team and added to your google calendar button of the lower right corner.
  2. The Schedules On The Calendar Are Dynamic So Please Check For Updates Daily.

* Practices Are Closed To Parents - The Purpose For Closed Practices Is To Create A Productive Environment Free From As Many Distractions As Possible. In Addition The Insurance Coverage For The Practices Only Covers Club Players.

NRCA:7300 Perry Creek Rd, Raleigh, NC 27616
EL = Elementary school gym (in the back - Park in the back)
MS = Middle school gym (the one in the entrance area)
HS - High school gym (next to cafeteria)

Inclement Weather Policy:
RVC Does Not Reschedule Practice, Matches Which Are Canceled Due To Reasons Beyond The Club's Control, Such As Inclement Weather, Power Outages, Etc. With This In Mind, RVC Will Wait As Long As Possible To Determine Whether The Conditions Warrant Closing The Facilities. In Any Event, Emergencies Excluded, A Decision Will Be Made No Later Than Two Hours Before The Scheduled Event Or Activity. For Example, If League Play Is Affected, A Decision Will Be Made No Later Than 4:00 Pm (Earlier If The Conditions Dictate)