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What kind of training does Raleigh Volleyball Club will provide?
RVC Volleyball Training: Depending on age group and ability of player.
Court movement, Attack movement, Block movement, Defense movement
OVERHAND PASSING - Setter training
INDIVIDULE DEFENSE TRAINING - Defense specialist, Libero
ATTACKING - Outside hitter, Middle hitter
Defense System
Offense System
Polymeric: Vertical Jump, Speed & quickness training
prepare player for college, scholarships, recruiting.

prepare player for middle school, high school JV and Varsity.

We are a group of experience coaches with college, high school and 20+ years of club coaching experiences, (Regional to National level) we monitor players weekly to ensure each player's development and their volleyball fundamentals.

Club Mission:
At the Raleigh Volleyball Club we take pride in building character, integrity, teamwork, sportsmanship, and better volleyball players. Through verbal, visual, and practice demonstrations we educate players on the importance of mastering the fundamentals of volleyball. Players will learn under hand pass, overhand pass, set, attack, offense keys, defensive keys, and team offense and defense. We utilize small group stations, drill work, discussions, games, and a variety of contests, to help players reach their potential.

Our expectations for each player is to work hard, maintain a positive attitude, and have fun learning. Players will be rewarded for their hard work and efforts in a multitude of ways such as leading and directing drills, scrimmaging and free time to work on their favorite drills. We also encourage players to share their thoughts, experiences, and ideas to help create a better overall experience. Positive encouragement is consistently communicated and delivered to all players as they progress through the academy. We know that each player is here to learn and improve and our coaches and assistants are dedicated to making that happen. Here are a few steps that we take toward helping each player build toward their goals:

Communicate and teach- we know that knowledge is power and the more knowledgeable you are about something the easier it is to understand the reason for it. So when we give instructions on the move or teach drills, we provide the context on why it is important to do, how it will impact their game, and how to implement to gain an advantage.

Demonstrate and execute- after verbally educating players on the move or teach a drill we then demonstrate how to execute and make it effective in their game. · Replicate and develop – Experience shows that practice develops consistency. Once we demonstrate a move, drill, or lesson we then have each player replicate and practice what was demonstrated to them. Our goal is to make sure that each player learns how to perform and execute what was shown to them, and through hard work and practice they will develop the consistency needed become a better player. “Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

Motivate and drive- Motivation is one of the most important keys to success. By utilizing positive and consistent reinforcement, structured feedback, real-time lessons, and other techniques we keep players motivated and excited about learning and improving. Most importantly, they have to want to improve!

To maximize opportunities and ensure growth we look to analyze strengths and opportunities during the first 3 week of our sessions. Players will go through an assessment practice in which we will evaluate strengths as well as have them set goals for themselves. Goal setting is an important step. When a player sets a goal they tend to push themselves toward achieving and exceeding their expectations. As the old quote goes “Good better best, your never good until you’re better at being your best.” When you work hard and set goals for yourself you come to find out how true that quote is.

Our mission is to help youth volleyball players learn and understand the fundamentals of the game and what it takes to become leaders on and off the court. By promoting teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, leadership, integrity, goal setting, and a strong work ethic we will help each player grow.

Sport is a mirror image of life. In order to be successful you have to learn what you don’t know, implement and execute what you’have learned, and work hard to develop confidence and consistency to do whatever you set out to do. These are just some of the building blocks and philosophies on which we stand.

Tryout procedure

Practices and Tryouts are closed to parents - The purpose for closed practices is to create a productive environment free from as many distractions as possible. In addition the insurance coverage for the practices only covers club players.

Cost to join the club and team?
First you need to became the USAV member(all players, practice players)
The cost will depending on the level and team.

check here : Team cost and fee

Preference for Uniform and more

Q:How long are the weekly practices?
A: Approximate. 2 x 2 hours = mostly 4 hours/week, please also check RVC schedule & calendar section.

Q:Does she have to join the Carolina Region/USA Volleyball before tryouts or can we wait and see if she makes a team first?
A: Our goal is to keep as many as we can in the right skill/athleticism and age group as possible.
yes, she need to join a full year USAV for $45 (before 11/1 after will be $55) or if you not ready to become USAV member then just $5 for one event day and $10 for Multi-Day One-Event fee.

RVC Tournament and policies: 
All Regional Tournaments can last all day (starts from 9 AM). Teams will begin pool play where they will play each team in their pool with the winning teams advancing.
Other tournaments/Multiday tournament time can be varied. check our schedule for updates. http://vb1.us/schedule.html

We recommend that you pack a cooler for your athlete for the day of a tournament because they can run long. Some players bring pillows and sleeping bags so they can rest between rounds. 

Homework, books, etc. are all recommended for some of the longer tournaments. Arrive early so you can help set up your team area and get ready to warm-up. Except for starting times, most tournaments do not follow a set time schedule. Matches will begin 10 minutes after the end of the previous match. But to be on the safe side, expect to be there all day.
  1. Player to be at the court 45 minutes prior to the game time. also, check the referee, scorekeeping assignments, they could be earlier than game time.
  2. Bring a referee whistle, everyone needs to pass the USAV JR. Referee and share score/linesman/up or down referee duties. 
  3. Player May Not Leave A Tournament Until All Play And Work Is Completed. If The Team Has Officiating Duties, All Players Stay No Matter How Many Are Required To Work. The Player Will Be Suspended Indefinitely Until The Issue Is Resolved, No Refunds. 
  4. For player safety: always let the coach know where you are and always go with parents or teammates. 
  5. Please go over to the RVC player, parents, and travel policies  - http://vb1.us/forms.html

Fees are non-refundable. The fee structure for RVC was very carefully determined in order to cover the above costs. These cost commitments are fixed and are not minimized if a players stops participating. Therefore, fees are non-refundable regardless of the length of participation in the club. Fees will not be refunded and/or prorated for players who cannot attend a tournament or if a tournament is canceled due to weather.

If any player decides to quit the club or is removed from the club due to policy violations, the player will not be refunded any fees.

Inclement Weather Policy:
RVC does not reschedule matches which are canceled due to reasons beyond the club's control, such as inclement weather, power outages, etc. With this in mind, RVC will wait as long as possible to determine whether the conditions warrant closing the facilities. In any event, emergencies excluded, a decision will be made no later than two hours before the scheduled event or activity. For example, if league play is affected, a decision will be made no later than 4:00 pm (earlier if the conditions dictate)

Raleigh Volleyball Club Grievance Procedure

Junior Officiating Clinics both score & Referee clinics- for all players & coaches

Coaches Impact clinics - all coaches

Parents Representatives: all our parent reps are volunteer:
Each team will have a volunteer representative who serves as the liaison between the coach and the parents. Listed below are the responsibilities for the Parent Rep. If you are interested in serving as the parent rep for your daughter's team, please let your coach know.

Acts as a liaison between the coach and the player's parents. Communicates regularly with the coach and informs the team of practice, tournament schedule changes and any other information that need to be disseminated to the team.

Prepares a team roster for all parents with names of players and parents, address, email,, phone numbers, school affiliations and any other pertinent information. Snack and food .

Assists in making travel arrangements for overnight tournaments. Assists coach in distributing tournament information to team. Coordinates hotel accommodations with other parent reps traveling to the same tournaments. Often times a parent rep will ask another parent to assist with making hotel arrangements.

If volunteers are needed for locally hosted tournaments, the parent rep will help recruit parents from their team to assist.

The parent rep is not an assistant coach and is not involved in any coaching decisions regarding line-ups, playing time, etc.

Please add the calendar to your Google account 
The schedules on the calendar are dynamic so please check them everyday for updates.

Junior Officiating Clinics both score & Referee clinics- for all players & coaches

Social Media

As the technology of electronic media has become more advanced and utilized by more people at younger ages, it has become a source of concern for the club and its attempt to ensure a positive experience throughout the season. As a result of the well-known and wide spread use of sending bullying or posting negative or derogatory Text Messages, Tweets, Facebook Posts, Instagram photos or through any other social media source available, Fusion Volleyball Club will institute a NO TOLERANCE policy towards this issue.

Any player or parent found to have sent or posted any comments, statements or opinions that are deemed harmful, dangerous, threatening or negative in nature towards the club or any of its members, staff or players will be subject to disciplinary action and COULD FACE IMMEDIATE release from the Fusion VBC. As monitoring of this problem cannot be placed solely upon the club, it will be the responsibility of the parent(s) to police their player’s actions and use of these message delivery systems. This will also include any siblings, family members and friends etc., who are found to have chosen to violate this policy on behalf of a current member of Raleigh Volleyball Club.

Sexual or Physical Abuse Policy:
Raleigh Volleyball Club recognizes that all forms of sexual abuse, assault or harassment with athletes are illegal and unethical, even when an athlete invites or consents to such behavior or involvement. Sexual abuse and harassment is defined as, but not limited to, repeated comments, gestures or physical contacts of a sexual nature. This includes demanding sexual favors in exchange for promotions, unwelcome touching of any kind, unwanted letters, telephone calls, texts or email of a personal nature, unwarranted inquiries about personal life or sexual habits, repeated jokes with sexual content, and sexual comments about a person’s appearance or body.

In addition, Raleigh Volleyball Club will not tolerate hazing. Hazing is defined as any intentional act that endangers the mental or physical health of one person or a group of people, by another person or group of people, for the purpose of group acceptance or membership. Hazing behavior would include but is not limited to: brutality such as beating or striking, excess calisthenics, excessive consumption of food or drink, or intimidating/threatening activities that cause extreme mental stress.

Raleigh Volleyball Club will not tolerate sexual or physical abuse of any of its staff or of participants. Raleigh Volleyball Club regards the safety of the young athletes entrusted to our care and instruction as our highest priority. We do not tolerate physical behavior that compromises that priority. We monitor activities and interactions to try to prevent miscommunication that cause discomfort to any of our athletes or parents.

Jr. Referee Clinic Online: Preregister Is Required.
Junior Referee Training(score keeping is included) -
Online Clinics
- CR17_102 Carolina Junior Referee Training - Every year.
  • Login in to your Carolina Region/USAV member account (Make sure you are current for the 2016/2017 Season!).

  • In left-hand menu, look under the "USA Volleyball Events" menu item.  Click the + button next to "Region Clinics" to expand the menu offerings 

  • then choose "Region Ref/Score Clinics".  All our Online Clinics will be listed under the September, 2017 clinic offerings (Start date of Sept 22 - July 31, 2018).

  •   Read the descriptions below and choose ONLY the CR17_102 Carolina Junior Referee Training  that you need in order to get certified (REMEMBER - Referees DO NOT also register for a Scorer Clinic - Scorer certification modules will be included in ALL Referee clinics!) 

After You Log In To Your Webpoint Member Account To View Clinic Details  Http://Www.Carolinaregionvb.Org/ - Top Of The Page- Usav Log In.
Select: September 16, 2015 - July 30, 2016 - CR Junior Referee Training (Online)  (Clemmons, NC


Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any other question.

Coach George Tsai
Head Coach / Raleigh Volleyball Club

Text/Voice Mail: 919-972-8886
Cell / Text Message: 919-669-7800